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About PDSC

Our youth competitive soccer program (PDSC) was formed in April of 2014 for the purpose of providing the youth of the Coachella Valley and Morongo Basin an environment where the highly advanced players may develop and test their skills against the best players throughout California.  In our short history, the club has two State Cup championships and champions and finalists in some of the most prestigious tournaments found in California.

Our soccer teams are formed by selecting players of similar athletic talents to train and play at the highest level of competition their respective abilities will allow. Development of player’s technical skills, tactical knowledge and teamwork are of paramount importance. We believe high-level competitive soccer helps players develop discipline, commitment, build self-esteem, evolve lasting relationships and learn life lessons that transcend winning on the field. Respect and good sportsmanship, being gracious in victory and defeat, is taught and expected.

The Club is organized to serve the needs of the players and their development first and foremost. The Director of Coaches and the professional staff are entrusted with the responsibility to make technical decisions on player development based on what is in the best interest of the player. In order for players and teams to maximize their development and seek the highest level of competition, they must receive the finest training available.

PDSC teams
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